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We help ambitious entrepreneurs grow their business faster whilst freeing themselves from it using automation (automated marketing & sales to communicate with more potential customers daily and provide a better customer experience) & outsourcing (working with high impact low-cost virtual assistants)

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Hi, we’re Aalok and Lucie, Founders of Click Convert Sell.

As well as being business partners, we’re also married, and feel blessed to be able to turn our passions and interests into successful businesses together. We passionately believe that all successful small business owners can leverage technology easily and systematically to achieve significant increases in revenue, and their free time. There’s some more about our story and Click Convert Sell below.


Lucie & Aalok


Lucie and Aalok met in London in 2011. While Lucie was studying at Christie’s Education, she attended dance classes at Pineapple Dance Studios. It was love at first sight for Aalok, who started going there with a friend as a fun side activity that just happened to have an exceptionally favourable male/female ratio. It all started in a Michael Jackson dance class and one thing led to another, until they got civilly married in France, in October 2014. Their religious celebration and reception took place in Pondicherry, India, in December of the same year. Lucie and Aalok’s shared love of entrepreneurship, travel and charity, has led them to found multiple businesses online and set up the UK’s only automation and outsourcing conference, DominateCon.

How it all started


We don’t just “say” we also “do” in our own businesses meaning by leveraging automation & outsourcing at Click Convert Sell we are able to offer a premium experience and quality service through integrated personalised solutions.

Global Team


When we realised that a high number of practices and small businesses struggled daily with manpower, we launched Elite Virtual Team as a solution to help them find highly trained virtual assistants and team members, and enhance their businesses. Many of our clients at CCS are now supported by high impact low-cost virtual assistants based in the Philippines, helping them grow 24/7, even while they sleep.

At CCS, we help entrepreneurs succeed, have more freedom and, of course, more money, with proven systems, tools, and coaching that will help them get there. We are also creating a business model that allows us to work from practically everywhere, be it our London home, the Eight Member’s Clubs, or while traveling the world (our life’s project!), so you can rest assured that every service we offer you, we have already tried and tested on ourselves. We truly understand what it takes to be a successful small business owner, and we know how to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Mission

To help small business owners grow their businesses to make more money, enjoy more freedom and create digital work opportunities for talented people all over the world. We accomplish that through the implementation of lifecycle marketing, automation and virtual teams.


We firmly believe in providing talented people with opportunities they would not otherwise have, given that in some parts of the world, opportunities to work and shine through the work are limited.

If we love one thing that is to share our knowledge and passion, as well as helping other people transform their lives and/or the lives of their clients! This is the reason why we like to get involved in helping charities who are changing lives (through education) reach out to more donors.

Paint Our World


Paint Our World work to emotionally empower children who have been through trauma – this includes child sexual abuse and becoming orphaned. Their aim is to do what they can to give children back the childhood which has been cruelly taken away. Using subtle and creative therapies, the Paint Our World children learn to use art and other creative outlets to express themselves and understand their emotions, equipping them with the tools they need to grow into stable, confident

Lucie and Aalok met Priya Virmani, the incredible woman who founded the charity in 2009 in Kolkata, India. Using her inner drive to make a difference to these children’s lives and strategic business acumen, Priya has expanded the charity to other major cities in India and continues to spread her mission. Lucie and Aalok have decided to help the charity get funds, using Infusionsoft to sort out the database and communicate with supporters, and build the charity’s online presence and overall fundraising strategy. Please take a moment to visit the charity’s website and learn more about their work: http://paintourworld.org/


The core team

Aalok Yashwant Shukla


Aalok is an entrepreneur that likes to keep busy. He is passionate about helping people become entrepreneurs, and helping entrepreneurs grow their business whilst freeing themselves from it using automation & outsourcing.

He is a marketing strategist with specific expertise in automation, outsourcing, lifecycle marketing, and digital strategy, and used these tools to double his private cosmetic dental practice in 2 years whilst launching other businesses.

Aalok is passionate about creating digital work opportunities for talented people globally and has a particular interest in impact sourcing and using the internet to provide education and opportunities to those that would otherwise not get them.

At the end of the Summer 2015 Aalok was at the forefront of The 3 Day Practice launch, a portal for ambitious dentists who want to work less and live more, and published a book to demonstrate how dentists can automate their practice to get more freedom back: The Orthodontic Blueprint, available on Amazon.

Lucie Marchelot Shukla


Lucie is a creative entrepreneur with a keen interest in brand creation and content marketing. She was born and raised in France, where she obtained a Law degree and came to London to study Art History at Christie’s Education. Initially set to become an auctioneer but after working for a leading auction house in London she soon realised the corporate world wasn’t for her and decided to launch her first business, an online art gallery called The Indian Art Centre, at the age of 25 . She discovered a passion for marketing and scaling small businesses and joined Aalok’s dental practice as the marketing director. This new career seemed more challenging and rewarding. On top of the various marketing conferences she attended to expand her knowledge, she learned a lot by herself by good old fashioned hard work, and strongly believes that the best way to improve in marketing is by spending time observing, testing and adapting. Lucie is driven by her passion for creating exciting brands, world travel, and having a positive impact on the lives of the people she works with.

In early 2015, Lucie was at the forefront of the Elite Virtual Team launch and recently published a book on the topic to help more entrepreneurs work more successfully with remote teams: The Outsourcing Game Plan, which is available on Amazon HERE.


General Manager

Click Convert Sell’s General Manager and Aalok and Lucie’s right hand woman, Romilly is resourceful & proactive, has a wicked sense of humour and is professional and hard working. Privately educated, she then went on to university to study History of Art. She spent her early career in Greece working for the owners of a 5 Star hotel. Initially overseeing the business’ administration, the owners quickly understood Romilly could do so much more, and she quickly became responsible for corporate events and wedding planning. Romilly loved the role and the team, but decided after several years it was time to come home to the UK. She was immediately snapped up by a marketing provider for commercial property. Her role was very varied and she picked a lot of skills which she uses daily. Wanting to get out of the corporate world, Romilly joined the CCS team in 2015 and is now responsible for the day to day running of the business, including managing content creation, customer relations, internal training and processes, social media output and much more.


Head Of Automation

Tom is an entrepreneur with much experience in CRM and email marketing automation. Starting a career early on as part of the Infusionsoft technical support team as a rep, quickly rose to team manager of support in the UK. Originally interested in the technical side of computers and technology he made the transition to marketing and business automation where he has been since, guiding many businesses on the delicacies of online marketing through consulting and implementation and putting them into practice across a variety of different sectors. Main interests lie around Lifecycle Marketing and software that allows for the most powerful and flawless automation, enjoys the troubleshooting and planning side of things that turn an idea into a working system. At CCS is is mainly responsible for all the Infusionsoft campaigns and software training.

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Lucie & Aalok

Lucie & Aalok are husband and wife and co-founders of Click Convert Sell. When they first started to use Infusionsoft in their private dental practice in London (their marketing lab), back in 2012, they saw a constant growth in the following years. After lots of testing they refined and created a scalable and reusable system, a unique framework they now teach and plug in other businesses. They are all about delivering a premium experience and quality service through integrated solutions and the leverage of automation & outsourcing. Continue reading

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Our Mission

To help small business owners grow their businesses to make more money and gain more freedom while creating digital work opportunities for talented people globally, at the same time. We accomplish that through the implementation of lifecycle marketing, automation and virtual teams.

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