How a one day event provides all you need to know for small business success!

How a one-day event provides all you need to know for small business success

“I just wanted to say WOW – you two and the rest of the ‘ClickConvertSell’ team and all the speakers involved have just done an impressive job at creating a superb event”

“Brilliant and worthwhile day, got some great ideas and good contacts. Never walked into an event and been made to feel so welcomed by all of your team, blew me away”

“Congratulations on putting together a first class conference from scratch! I’m sure it is the first of many successful events in future. Thanks again Aalok & Lucie for a creating an inspiring day!”

The dust has settled back at Click Convert Sell HQ after the phenomenal response we received from attendees of this year’s DominateCon. The feedback and support has been overwhelming, so we’ve put together the highlights and key takeaways for those who wish to learn and take action. Whether you attended or weren’t able to make it this year, read on for an insider’s scoop, and how you can secure your seat at DominateCon 2016.

If you attended, then you’ll know DominateCon as the #1 conference in the UK for ambitious small business owners. The all day event, held at St James’ Court A Taj Hotel in London, brought together a large group of ambitious small business owners who have built successful businesses, and provided them with all the resources and information they might need to accelerate that growth much further. Those who attended were business owners from all different industries wanting to improve their work/life balance, while significantly growing their businesses. We aimed to create a refreshing and invigorating environment where entrepreneurs were able to meet dynamic people from different fields.

“One of the best things about the day was the quality and variety of small business owners that attended. I made a handful of network connections that I will keep in touch with.”

As any small business owner knows, when you’re spinning so many plates, it can be a real challenge finding the time you need to focus on what’s most important to you. Many of the business owners we work with through Click Convert Sell, Elite Virtual Team and The 3 Day Practice also comment regularly that it’s hard for them to know what other resources are available to them.

In creating DominateCon, we wanted to deliver a one-stop shop for small business owners to not only expand their network but also to be introduced to services and technologies which will help them protect their time. Implementing automation and outsourcing systems in your business will help you increase profit, maintain healthy cash flow and take care of the business activities you don’t have the time or energy to work on, day to day.

We found that there wasn’t an event in the UK that addressed these issues for this demographic. If you wanted to learn advanced content, you had to go to America. DominateCon is jam-packed with original content that you can’t get access to anywhere else all under one roof, plus real, valuable strategies that will help your business grow. The goal was not just to tell you why you should be using automation and outsourcing, but also how.

DominateCon is the embodiment of a vision to start an annual conference and make it the UK’s go-to event for progressive entrepreneurs and fast-growing SMEs that want to scale faster. The agenda fills that gap and enables British and European entrepreneurs build their businesses and dominate their market. We wanted one of the strategic bi-products of DominateCon to be the generation of a community of like-minded people.


As a fellow entrepreneur, you’ll know that by surrounding ourselves with other growth-minded, ambitious people, our thinking broadens, and having interesting discussions expands and accelerates our progress as well as creating new and lasting friendships, expanding our networks and increasing the accountability and support we have access to. To facilitate this, we made sure we had breaks throughout the day, invited people to stay after the event and created a private Facebook group so attendees and speakers can continue the conversation after the conference.

“Thank you for filling me with EVEN MORE amazing ideas, but the difference now is I actually feel like there’s ways to make them come to fruition!! :-)”

So what are some of the ideas and insights the attendees are referring to? Well, it comes down with our relationship with the factors that motivate us as entrepreneurs. In other words, how we create value for our customers through the activities we love. Time is precious and to protect it, as the business owner, you need to build a team to delegate to and use technology to get things done in an automatic and systematic way.

Georgia Kirke and Paulette Sopoci from international business coaching company Strategic Coach® kicked off the day with two value-led presentations on Building a Self-Managing Company®, and The Unique Teamwork Shift™. Paulette’s advice? If you want to grow, don’t wait for all your ducks to be in a row before taking action. Fear with action attached is actually courage, so use it to fulfill commitments and understand that the new capabilities and confidence that come as a result are your rewards, rather than the prerequisites. When asking yourself what a self-managing company means to you, decide which of the entrepreneurial freedoms you want to expand: freedom of time, money, relationships and/or purpose?


Georgia broke that down with some honest insights from years of working with entrepreneurs in the Strategic Coach® Program; the strategies that got you to where you are today are not the same strategies that will get you to where you want to be in the future. In order to make your self-managing company a reality, you must make the shift from thinking you can do it all yourself, to realising that you have to build a unique team based around your Unique Ability®. Know that teams don’t have to be people in the room; they can be made up of virtual team members, technologies and other resources. Bring teamwork into play only when it supports you in your Unique Ability®; the things you love to do the most and give you never-ending energy and room for improvements. The worst thing you can do is stand still! You’re giving your competitors an advantage and diminishing your time, money and impact.

While teamwork is necessary to move forwards, as Strategic Coach® point out, technology doesn’t have to replace people. In fact, businesses have the biggest advantage when the two work together in a complementary fashion. When you do have people in your business, whether your team is office-based or virtual, it would be counter-intuitive to then micro-manage and feel reluctant to delegate. That said, many business owners experience a level of fear and discomfort when adjusting to a new way of working that involved relinquishing the control they have grown so used to. it is therefore important to have a way of effectively measuring your team’s output.

Rob Warner

A recurring theme from the day’s experts was to collaborate and avoid doing everything yourself. We were lucky to be joined by Invisible PPC Owner Rob Warner, who wowed the audience with statistics on his impressive 10x growth over the last two years. Rob’s words of wisdom to others looking to achieve the same level are to always make yourself the dumbest person in the room, join masterminds and become part of coaching programs to surround yourself with people who can inspire you and keep you accountable. You can never underestimate the impact others can have and continuing the theme of the morning, it won’t work if you try and do everything yourself! Collaborate with others, find others with complementary skill sets and interests and form partnerships as you go to progress you towards that next level of growth.

When you have the materials, resources and technologies in place to support you in your Unique Ability®, you business will be running on increased operational efficiency and creative output, but another way to achieve a higher level of growth is with a high value offering. Conference co-organiser Aalok Yashwant Shukla educated the room on how and why you should design and offer a unique solution that solves your customer’s problem. Get creative with incentives to buy and refer, create a high value package, and make your offering as attractive and convenient as possible, and position yourself as a specialist in your field. Introducing his and Lucie’s latest success venture B The Expert, the pair were able to give specialist tips on how to put such packages together and truly stand out.


Aalok gave another interactive presentation on how to automate your marketing and sales processes to engage more with prospects systematically. He explored the idea of adding value versus reminding people, and showed his tried and tested success system, perfected in his own dental practice and automated marketing business Click Convert Sell.

Aalok and Lucie use InfusionSoft to create effective marketing systems for their clients, and InfusionSoft aficionado Brian Keith of Red Beard Consulting talked about ways to use Infusionsoft to get more money, time and love! Walking us through his text messaging add-on, he demonstrated how text messaging through Infusionsoft can deliver all kinds of time-saving benefits, from managing employee training, to driving attendance to webinars.

lucie & Aalok

Co-host Lucie Marchelot Shukla then followed with an in-depth expert discussion on online platforms, Facebook in particular, divulging some surprising, need-to-know insider knowledge. If you think your Facebook account is your own, think again! It’s rented property, so you need to take contact information from your Facebook friends and followers, and move it onto your own mailing list. Facebook ads work well, but like Google, Facebook frequently change their rules so your account could be here and thriving today, but they could delete it tomorrow so really protect your data. Test what works for your audience. It’s hard work, but you don’t need to do it all yourself as long as it is your own voice.


Lucie came back to the stage to introduce her book The Outsourcing Game Plan and let us know how you can get more done for less by ethically hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines. Build a team according to your needs, whether you need regular specialist freelancers or general full-time virtual assistants. Make sure you only focus your time on working on the high-value items that bring money into your business.


Head of Customer Success at Weekdone, Adrian Young, explained the performance monitoring system first adopted by Google, and now readily available to small businesses. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) inform you and your managers of areas of your team’s performance that need attention. Everyone is individually motivated to contribute to the business’ success.  Using software which produces a weekly team status report, daily updates from team members and provide the opportunity to share goals, accomplishments and challenges, presents significant opportunity for saving time and money, as well as enhancing team productivity to achieve greater results on a consistent basis.

It was a value-packed day, and the content provided an unmissable opportunity for entrepreneurs due to the unique opportunity to see and hear it all under one roof, as well as the networking opportunities. DominateCon provides attendees with the means to immediately act to promote growth within their business.

Following the event we have been inundated with fantastic feedback regarding the ‘quality and engaging speakers’ and the ‘excellent information, tips and ideas’.  Amidst this amazing feedback which continues to pour in, and the ongoing value created by everyone in the room, we would like to thank all of our supporters, attendees, partners and speakers for a one of a kind conference. Progressing the unprecedented success of DominateCon 2015, we are pleased to announce that we are now taking advanced registrations for DominateCon 2016!

“Was really great to chat to people outside of my industry. I hope this becomes a regular event.”

Do not miss out and certainly don’t wait – DominateCon 2016 will sell ahead of time and already looks set to be bigger and better than 2015, so register to secure your sought-after ticket and get your hands on the 2015 video recordings.

Building a Self-Managing Company®, Unique Teamwork Shift™ and Unique Ability® are protected trademarks of The Strategic Coach®, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Used with written permission.  For more information on The Strategic Coach® Program, visit

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How a one-day event provides all you need to know for small business success

How a one day event provides all you need to know for small business success!

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