How To Automate & Outsource: 6 Processes To Multiply Your Profit & Free Time. Part Two: Outsourcing

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Continuing on from Part 1 the next part of your growth plan we want to talk about is outsourcing. We understand automation, and the 6 processes, but then why outsourcing? When I talk about outsourcing, I’m talking about digital outsourcing overseas such as the Philippines. I’m talking about using talent in a different place in a different time zone.

What does this mean?

Affordability. On average, it’s about seven times cheaper. Can you imagine paying £300 a month, 40 hours a week for someone working for you full-time Versus £2,100 a month. Imagine you have an accountant working for you. You’ve got somebody full time working for £300 a month. It would be impossible for a small business to pay £2,000 month to a part-time accountant to work. With outsourcing you can now start to have skill sets in your business which you would not otherwise have.

For example, a builder we work with was interested in finding ways to offer better quotes so he was asking, “Is it possible to create a 3D drawing?” And the answer is yes. You can outsource this work and match it to someone who has this skill set. Outsourcing also then provides scalability. As you grow, you could add in a second and then a third. What you’ve then got is a great cost-effective way to scale. Imagine, you need seven full-time workers to make the same cost as one full-time worker in the UK. The lever output, you’re buying 280 hours of work per week versus paying 40 hours of work a week. That’s a huge multiple. You start to think about all of things they could be doing for you and you combine that with Automation. It really is exciting and want as many small businesses and practices to get the benefits of automation and outsourcing because we’ve seen first hand how these things make a difference.

The next advantage is time. We all work a lot, but what about if you can get things done while you sleep? If they’re working in a different time zone, chances are when you signed off for work, they’re signing on for work and they can get things done even while you sleep. Imagine being ahead of your competition.


It’s all very well talking conceptually, We’re now going to look what can be outsourced.

We’re going to be looking at customer-facing processes, things that your customer will experience and internal processes, things that help your business run.

For example, customer-facing processes maybe your business being on social media: Facebook, Twitter etc. You know that you should be using these but you don’t have time for this and you may think, I can’t afford to pay a marketing company. What you could do is you could create a specification for how you want it done and then get a virtual assistant to do it all for you. You could also get somebody to take over some of the checklists and processes and help you build your business relationship process. While you’re busy during the day, they could be helping you develop the different processes you need. You can see step-by-step be developing systems and these systems are repeatable tasks which happen daily.

The other aspects of it could be internal recruitment. For example, let’s just say you don’t have time to interview for a new receptionist. You could have a process where somebody’s placing the advert for you and then they’re also following up with an e-mail inquiries. They’re also pre-scheduling them for the interviews. You just turn up for interviews and the candidates have been pre-selected, pre-screened so your time is protected.

The limitation most businesses have is not enough time. They don’t have enough resources. What I’m trying to show you is by breaking these processes up and bringing in team members that can help you, you’re going to be able to be free to do just the things that you want to do and all these other things can be happening.

As an example, if we were trying to increase sales. I like to spend £300 a month on a new employee, but I need that £300 to come back as £900 a month. What you could do is you could have a person responsible for updating your customer database. They could keep it accurate and up to date for you. It would make a big difference because when you got customers that are worth thousands of pounds or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to you it’s important to make sure the details are correct. All this means is that your time is well spent and the grunt work is essentially outsourced. You could also have someone responsible for reactivating customers. If you had a process in place which allowed you to show which customers have not bought for you in 6 months or 12 months, they could be responsible for following the process for follow up with that text message, a letter, an email, to make sure that you’re engaged. Again, they could help with the writing of e-mail, newsletters, or content creation.

Another area you could concentrate on would be customer experience. It is important to make sure your existing customers are looked after properly, If your existing customer is not looked after then you’ll forever be chasing new ones because you’re never going to be able to keep the ones you’ve got. If you have a team which was allocated to follow up new customers for satisfaction. They could make sure that the first 7 days, the first 2 weeks, the first month, that they’re looking in on them, via email, text or a phone call. Just being there for them. They could also be providing service or after-product following up and surveying. They could either be helping create a surprising campaign such as sending a gift or a nice phone call etc.


Also, you could make sure that each of the customers that have been happy, so they write a review or to be introduced to their referral program which will help introduce to more customers.

My point here is that you’re trying to make sure systematically these things are happening. If you’re taking your business in these different processes that we talked about, you’re going to be able to break these elements down.

Automation and Outsourcing are two of the most important aspects you need to grasp in order for your business to grow. In the next part of this blog series, Part 3 I will bond together Automation and Outsourcing.

At DominateCon , we will not only be explaining these concepts and methodologies in a lot more detail, we’re going to actually demonstrate and provide you with tools you can use so that by the end of the day, you will be able to actually action everything your business needs.

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