How To Automate & Outsource: 6 Processes To Multiply Your Profit & Free Time. Part One: Automation

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At this year’s DominateCon, we will be discussing how to transform your business with two main business growth multipliers. These are two advantages that you can add to your business that will grow your profit and your freedom. We’re talking about outsourcing and automation which will be discussed in this three part blog.

With outsourcing and automation what you’re going to be able to do is to take your existing business and make it grow faster. The reason you can do this is because you can get more done daily. This is where we can all agree is the key because if we can get more done daily, done better, at a lower cost and predictably, then we’re going to be in a position to grow.

Now, to make things simpler and easy to understand, I want to look at the framework. Let’s look at the 6 processes:



1. Marketing: This is a process to generate new potential customers, so this is the system which puts your business in front of new people.

2. Relationship: It’s one thing to have an ad in the newspaper and on Facebook for example, but that’s nothing because it’s fleeting. You have no ability to communicate again with that person. What you want to have is a ratio process where you can get the customers details and then you can communicate with them constantly. Through this process, you are creating and adding value to that relationship until it turns into a sales opportunity.

3. Sales: You’re taking people who already know they can trust you and you’re offering them something which matches what they’ve inquired.

4. Wow: Once you’ve converted the interest and the proposal into a sale is making sure they have a great experience and do this systematically. We call the “oh wow” process.

5. Lifetime: We want to keep them as a customer because we’ve gone through all of this effort to get them in the first place and we want to make sure that we can keep them. In this process, what we want to do is make sure that we can continue to offer additional services and products which could be of interest to them.

6. Viral: You want to make sure that these happy customers stay with us and then introduce new customers via referrals, so that we’ve got this viral loop.

The next step is to make sure that each of these processes is happening daily and automatically.. If we think about it, if every day we have a marketing process running which is targeting new potential customers, then we’re always going to be in front of a new audience. If we’ve got a relationship process where we’re capturing contact details and building a relationship over time, then every day, more people are getting to like us. If we’ve got a sales process where we’re converting and developing those relationships and turn them into proposals and quotations and then following up with them so they want to go ahead. Then, obviously, it’s making sure that every day, customers that said “yes” yesterday are today having a great experience. You can see step by step we want a series of repeatable actions happening so that our business can grow and run smoothly.

To make these processes happen, you need Automation. In this blog I will discuss some aspects of automation, I will however be going into more detail at DominateCon.

Why Automation? The advantage is high accuracy because processes which are automated are pretty specified. You don’t have to worry that somebody might forget to do something because with it being automated, it will be the same outcome every time. The other advantage is it’s all pre-scheduled. You can pre-determine or pre-book exactly what you want to happen for your potential customers. This is the most exciting part of it because if we look at the companies these days which are growing fast such as Amazon or Uber, all these companies, what they’re doing is they’re taking advantage of the Internet while using automation and making their businesses information-enabled so that they can then start to serve more customers in a cost-effective way.


It’s all very good to talk about automation, but can we get a more concrete term?

The first thing we want to look at is something called a trigger: the logic and the output. The trigger is the way to make a process start. The logic is the inbuilt way that can be checked to make sure the person who’s been ‘tagged’ gets the information and automation starts the output. What these triggers can do is it can start the logic, which is basically if x does this, then do that. For example let’s say it was somebody’s birthday so therefore, the system knows it was somebody’s birthday and it sends out a birthday card automatically. What this allows you to do is built-in logic so that you can always have what you want happen.

In terms of output you can have e-mails, letters, postcards, customized packages, text messages, or phone calls. Some of them may be automatically printed while other things might be done via a task. You can set these up in different ways and that’s why, when you combine with outsourcing, you can have very powerful outcomes.

These 6 processes we talk about above will all have triggers with outputs so imagine if we’ve got our triggers set up automatically. It could be set up so every time a new customer came onto your website, they were offered a free guide All of these things give you peace of mind because these processes are running automatically.

Let’s go into a bit more detail in the Marketing Process.

If somebody comes to your website and they scroll a certain page, do you want a pop in box to say, “Would you like to get our free guide” If somebody calls your office again, you could do the same thing. You could say, “Okay, you asked for the price on this item. That’s brilliant. What I’ve got is a guide which explains the different items and the pricing and the payment plans and I would like to send it to you. What’s the best e-mail?” Again, this is a way of making sure that this process has a closed loop.

The next thing would be if somebody e-mailed or if they watched your video or they visit you on Facebook all of these are triggers that you need to have an outputs for. If a lot more people are aware of what you do and they’re able to get value from you, that’s going to translate into more relationships. Let’s look at some other examples.

If we say, okay. I’m not a marketing-intensive business but I’ve got lots of customers with opportunities. Would you want to educate them on other items? What about higher value items? You can start to systematically build in prompts. As we talked about, you can output these in e-mails, letters, postcards, customized packages, you start to see is the power in thinking through this process.


In Part 2  we’ll be going on to discuss how and why you should outsource. In Part 3 we link together automation and outsourcing.

We would love to hear your comments and experiences below.

To hear more from Aalok and other experts on automation and outsourcing, join us at DominateCon this September. Remember to buy your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

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