How To Automate & Outsource: 6 Processes To Multiply Your Profit & Free Time. Part Three: Automation & Outsourcing

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We’ve talked about Automation in Part 1 and Outsourcing in Part 2 but how do they link? They come together in D.A.S.H. There are 4 parts which I am going to go through. At DominateCon we will discuss this framework in more detail.


The first part is a Domination Strategy. It’s about focusing on your most highest value customers because if you got a hundred new customers who are worth £100 to you, that’s great because you’ve got £10,000. But If you’re making 100 new customers and each of those customers are worth £1,000 pounds to you, now you’ve got £100,000 pounds. You can see having your processes focused on your highest value customers to get them in volumes is imperative.

The next part of it is making sure that you Automate Sales and Marketing processes to build relationships and turn them into sales. The other part of it is having a Scalable Virtual Team. Making sure that your team is there: virtually and cost-effectively and then your Highest Value Experience. Making sure your customers have a wow experience.

What is Automation and Outsourcing going to give you?

Automation and outsourcing will give you more Free time. We all want to be able to enjoy time with our family and friends. The other thing it also gives you is more Profit because things are happening predictably at a lower cost.

For example, why is Uber so profitable? Uber is so profitable because they’re a taxi company and they don’t have, staff members responsible for calling drivers, assigning jobs so you can eliminate that cost structure. By using outsourcing and automation, you can actually lower your cost structure and therefore increase your profitability and increased number of customers you serve.

How can we apply this to your business?

I’m going to take a little bit of time and go through your business and what questions you need to ask yourself in order to do this.                  

First of all let’s look at product and services. What you want to think about is what is your ideal highest value buy? For example, if you’re a builder, somebody that buys basements or extensions may be your highest value customer. If you’re a dentist, it might be implant or braces patients. If you’re a personal trainer, you might try transformation packages. You must offer different resources for these customers and allocate a journey for them.

What you want to do is create a product ladder with a subscription or membership because then you have a combination of high-value customers so that we got higher amount of profit in the first 30 days. This allows you to fund your marketing and to fund the rest of your operations.

Subscription or memberships are important. There will then be a certain amount of monies coming in before you even open up your business every day. The next thing you want to look at is what your average customer spends in the first 30 days with you and then also the first year because this is how you can work out your growth economics. You then also look where you attract your new customers online. I’ve been talking about online things a lot, but never forget offline, which is magazines, newspapers, and flyers because when you spend more to get a customer, often they’re much more loyal and they spend much more money with you.This is what we call the fundamentals of your business growth.

Let’s now look at the sales process. Who in your team takes the enquiries and communicates and qualifies them and then provides them for a sales presentation or an assessment? Who then builds a relationship with them and how do you know that this potential client is now ready for sales presentation. You need to know this and this is where your processes come in.  For example, all the people who have bought from you, what membership program could they be recommended? What other items could they be recommended? You want to make sure that you’ve got a journey in place and you want to make sure that they’ve been followed up with if they didn’t buy now, so 6 months after quotation, 3 months after quotation, 12 months after quotation.

Bear in mind, the easiest thing for most people to do is actually nothing. They may actually buy from you if you follow up with them so you need to make sure they are followed up.

All the customers that bought from you in the last 12 months, how do you reactivate them? If they bought from you several times, what options do you have?

We talked about your “wow” plan so once they’ve bought from you, what do you do to ensure they’ve got an outstanding experience? Then, for example, what do you do to follow up 30 days after the purchase to make sure that they’re delighted? It’s very important to make sure that people got the value that they wanted from you because if they didn’t get the value they wanted from you, they’re not going to buy from you in the future.

How is your referral system working and what percent of your customers regularly refer new customers? Let’s say on adverts, it costs you x to get a new customer through lots and lots of clicks on Google ads. Imagine if you had a plan in place where every year you mailed your clients who bought a high valued product from you and said If a friend of yours decides to buy a high valued product you both get something. They’d be happy to do that. They’ll keep thinking of you. What you’re going to be able to do is to get a return on that relationship over the long term.

All of these things help you build out your business so that your 6 processes are running constantly. My job was to get you to think about how Automation & Outsourcing could help you.  We want to help more businesses so we’ve created a conference called DominateCon. It’s an intensive day. We’ll be going through all of these items in much more detail with actionable items that you can then take to your business and implement. We are currently giving out free automation success kits and a brand new video training if you want to learn more on automation here

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This unique 8 day training will teach you how to earn more profit per customer whilst delivering a better service using Lifecycle Marketing & Show you the 6 exact processes you need to automate to grow faster

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How To Automate & Outsource 6 Processes To Multiply Profit & Free Time P3 (1)

How To Automate & Outsource: 6 Processes To Multiply Your Profit & Free Time. Part Three: Automation & Outsourcing