How To Build A Fast Growing Business – PART 1: The Four Elements Of Successful Transformation

How To Build A Fast Growing Business - PART 1 The Four Elements Of Successful Transformation (2)


In the run up to DominateCon 2015, we are providing you with a series of articles, each divided into two parts, introducing you to the main concepts, tips and insights behind fast business growth. You will learn more about the two main multipliers, the four essential elements to a successful business transformation, how to leverage your knowledge and experience to attract the highest value customers, the force multiplier and how to breathe life into inactive relationships.

At this year’s DominateCon, we will be breaking down exactly how to transform your business with two main business growth multipliers. There are two things that you can add to your existing business that will help accelerate and grow your profit, your freedom, and your predictability. We’re talking about outsourcing and automation. In this two-part article, I’m going to uncover the tried and tested methodologies behind automation and outsourcing, practiced by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Building a profitable business is all about leverage. In a 24-hour period, there’s only so much that you can do personally, so, you need to use your team to make sure that you can do your key tasks. What you want to do is make sure that you’ve got as many things happening as possible, in an automated way, and through your team. Who is this approach for? If you’re a business owner or a practice owner, and you’re making a profit, this approach is for you. The trouble is, you might be trapped, working in the business. You’re spending too much time, for not enough money. You’re not generating enough profit, you’re not having the freedom you want. Let’s be clear. You’re working hard, the business is working, and you are making profit, but you’re not able to step away from that business. Now, there is a different way.

You may see all the time, in journals, on websites, people are building fast growing businesses. You know that the internet brings you opportunities. What can you do  to take advantage of that? If you want to transform into a fast growing business, and if it’s done in the right way, you’re going to get three things. You’re going to get more freedom, more fulfillment, and more profit. The freedom will come from an ability to have the lifestyle that you want because the business is there to support you. You’ll be more fulfilled because you’re doing the things that you enjoy doing the most. You will be doing your best-skilled tasks. More profit, because you’re focusing on delivering more value. You’re able to serve more customers with more complex needs, in a more scalable way.

This year at DominateCon, we’re going to be covering all the different elements that can help you do this. It essentially comes down to four components. The first of these four components is having a Domination Strategy. This means that you’re able to focus on your highest value customers, and have a specific way to track them en masse. You then want to have Automated Sales and Marketing. This means that you’re able to leverage communication channels such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, YouTube etc. This enables you to engage your prospect in their location 24 hours a day. You then want to have a Scalable Virtual Team. We’ve heard a lot about the growth of the contractor economy, or employers and workers who just pay and work per job.

The final part is the Highest Value Experience, because these days, we’re an experienced economy. We can buy pretty much anything as a commodity. What we can’t do is replicate experiences. If we’re able to create experiences that our competitors can’t match, then we’ll be in the lead. 6_jpg__800×600__png__689×484_You can see those four strategies can be abbreviated to D.A.S.H. If you’re able to employ D.A.S.H, you’re going to have advantages. Now, how can you do that? We’re going to cover that shortly. This is what DominateCon’s all about; bringing these strategies to you.


One of the first experts we’ll be hearing from at Dominatecon will be Strategic Coach®. Speakers Paulette Sopoci and Georgia Kirke will be talking about how to go from me to we. How to develop a multiplier mindset. They are world renowned for helping successful entrepreneurs to become even better entrepreneurs, helping them create self-managing companies. Often a business is set up by a very capable individual who, at the beginning, did everything. They contacted the customers, they networked, they put together sales proposals. They then followed up on the sales proposals and delivered the work. Then, they followed up afterwards. Sound familiar? That amount of energy, focus and talent was able to get you from where you were initially to where you are currently. However the same strategies and the energy that got you here, won’t get you to your bigger future, if you want to grow 10 times.

Strategic Coach will be talking about how you can create a multiplier mindset. That’s all about how you can take your mindset, where you are responsible for all the tasks, and change it to recruit and empower your team, creating a self-managing company. They’re brilliant at teaching you how to get the entrepreneurial freedom that you want. Freedom from spending time in circumstances and obligations that you just don’t like. Other people deciding how much money you make, working with anybody who has a pulse and a wallet. You don’t feel in control. You’re involved in things that you don’t find meaningful. From developing the correct mindset and using the tools that Strategic Coach® teaches you, you can transition to spending your days doing only the things that you love to do.

How much more fulfilled would you feel if you were doing tasks which give you energy, and you have no limit on what you can make? Imagine you’re able to develop relationships with only the people you like, and those who are aligned with you, and you’re working with people that really respect and value what you do. You’re just going to feel so good. Having the skills and the mindset that you can deliver as much value as you want will eliminate any cap on your income. It’s all about being clear on what you like, and building the strategy to get yourself there. I’m really excited that they’ll be giving more information about that, and we can build of implementing D.A.S.H into your business. In Part 2 we’ll be going on to discuss how and why you should increase your customer value.

We would love to hear your comments, have any of you had any experiences you want to share?

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