How To Free Yourself Using Automation

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“I want the business to grow, but I feel trapped within it. I don’t have the time or processes in place to move forward.”

As a business owner and a member of a large network of entrepreneurs we encounter this statement with increasing frequency. We understand how business owners get into this situation, most of us have been there at some point in our career, however having overcome this obstacle myself it causes me a great degree of frustration! There is a simple and effective strategy to create better productivity, quality and consistency in your business whilst having more freedom and that is automation. If you have read our previous blogs you will be aware that we are a vocal proponent of automation and we feel passionate about raising awareness and understanding of its many benefits.

We believe that many obstacles to growth occur within small businesses through an inability to step back which creates a claustrophobic feeling of entrapment. This can be the result of many things; an inability or unwillingness to delegate, lack of understanding of options or perhaps you’ve been a victim of your own business success. This feeling of being trapped can occur at different times and intensities but needs to be acted upon before it has the potential to not only limit growth but become a detriment to the business. The outcome of this is a lack of time, incorrect focus and an inability to take an analytical approach. Consequently, your growth will be limited, at best.

Before we discuss how automation can be used as a tool to solve the above issues, let’s first consider the areas that all small businesses have in common. We have highlighted these areas as Marketing, Relationship Building, Sales, Wowing and Lifetime. All businesses need to have a successful marketing strategy. They need to build and maintain client/customer relationships and ultimately convert this into sales. Subsequently, a successful business also impresses the customer, the ‘wow factor’, and as a result gains further through repeat business and referrals and hopes to make this a lifetime relationship. The process needs to be seamless and complement these goals, however, even in the most organised business with large amounts of manpower at their disposal such a system is very difficult without automation.

Stress and demands on employees increases, relationships may suffer, opportunities are missed and once one element is lacking the knock on effect is staggering. Missing criteria during the qualification stage leads to missed sales, systems not in place for referral or future contact means new business lost and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some businesses have elements of this covered without fully utilising automation, however the benefits of efficiency and risks of human error shouldn’t be underestimated. In addition, you must consider the positives of freeing up resources currently pre-occupied to pursue growth.

Automation allows these key elements to be seamless. Creating reliable systems and processes promotes consistency and reduces the risk of missed opportunities, increases the likelihood of new business opportunities, maintains and improves client relationships and frees up resources. This releases you to focus on high value custom and growth as well as improving your work/life balance.

We have used automation to drive huge growth within our own businesses. Our mission is to help more ambitious entrepreneurs make the most of new technologies to take their business to new heights and free themselves from it. Our specialty is using automation & outsourcing to create processes that allow business owners to focus on high value services/products so that they can do more fulfilling and valuable work whilst working less days. We are trusted by business owners in all industries and seen as the go to expert for advanced automation and lifecycle marketing strategies in the UK.

“Things won’t change by themselves, and your business won’t grow by itself; You need new tools.”

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Free 8 day course:
Attract Sell Wow

This unique 8 day training will teach you how to earn more profit per customer whilst delivering a better service using Lifecycle Marketing & Show you the 6 exact processes you need to automate to grow faster

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FB-How To Free Yourself Using Automation

How To Free Yourself Using Automation

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