The Secret to Getting It All Done? Virtual Teams

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In order to run smoothly and grow, a business needs a lot of tasks to be done on a daily basis. Getting high quality Virtual Teams does not only make things so much easier for you, when dealing with everyday tasks, but also helps your brand awareness/marketing campaign more ways than one.

Want to know what you are missing out on, when trying to find time to do everything on your own or employ inadequate/unskilled staff?

Here are the 6 key divisions that will help clear things out…


To grow a business, one needs to have all 6 of the following divisions working in tandem day in day out. Ideally, these teams would be comprised of a mix of virtual team members and your own internal staff, working together and communicating on the same page, to drive business forwards. Which are these teams/divisions?

1. Attract Traffic Team
They are responsible for driving traffic to your website through online, organic, paid & social marketing. Their fundamental role is to capture leads. They optimize and increase the number of leads captured through landing pages and website pages.

2. Nurture Leads Team
This is the team that optimizes the number of clicks/engagement and calls from your email nurture sequence, making sure they increase over time.

3. Convert Sales Team
If you want more customers, this is the team that will help make things happen for you. They optimize and increase the number of enquiries, turning them into sales.

4. Deliver Wow Team
You will soon understand that every team works hand-in-hand with the other. This team optimizes the customer journey and follow up, to ensure your customers are delighted. And, having delighted customers means having coming back customers, as well as more referrals for your business.

5. Upsell Team
They upsell team makes sure each customer’s value is optimized, which helps in the process of identifying opportunity for more products and/or services.

6. Get Referrals Team
They are hired to introduce all your customers to your referral system and communicate to enhance the number of referrals you get. They also manage the Thank You’s for the people that have already referred others.


A huge problem facing business owners is that small businesses need things done daily and they don’t have the staff or capacity to get enough done, or their existing staff doesn’t have the necessary skills for the tasks needed.
Getting UK-based staff, on the other hand, can be expensive and you do need long-term contracts, which means more tax for you to pay.
That said; although having a team of virtual employees working for you is THE best solution to help your business grow and flourish, the majority of businessmen and businesswomen do not know how to recruit virtual staff from abroad. This means they can’t check who is good and who isn’t, don’t know how to manage virtual workers, lack ready to do process in their business, and are also clueless as to how to create one.

The Solution? Hire Elite Virtual Team members!

Click Convert Sell can help you there. Our Elite Virtual Team members are all highly-skilled professionals of their kind that:

  • Have been Trained to Work Remotely
  • Are Pre-Screened for English
  • Are Communication Trained
  • Are Specially Trained on Project Management Software

In other words, you will always have someone working remotely on your business, even while you are sleeping. Other than that, our Elite Virtual Team experts can:

  • Check your teams’ work to provide an error/missed opportunity net.
  • Follow up your existing/inactive customers to create new sales.
  • Help you run your business smoothly and keep all records up to date.

Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution. Indicatively, you can get a highly skilled Virtual Assistant
from just £300 / month salary!

For more information, please Contact us. Get a virtual assistant via Elite Virtual Team from Click Convert Sell and save yourself money, worries, and anxieties, NOW!

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