The Outsourcing Game Plan: Do You Have One?

The Outsourcing Game Plan Do You Have One


The onset of globalised outsourcing has long been a key asset within many industries and multinational businesses. In more recent times the concept of outsourcing has generated momentum within the wider business community and in particular within the entrepreneurial sector. If you work in business, you will have no doubt researched or considered this model to some extent. If you haven’t gone through with outsourcing to virtual talent, you may have encountered the two main obstacles faced by decision makers when considering or implementing outsourcing.

Research suggests that firstly, those who have decided to use outsourcing commonly struggle with choosing the type that best fits their business model and how to successfully implement this in practice. Secondly, there is often a lack of understanding of the subject and as a consequence, many businesses feel they need higher knowledge of what can be outsourced before they’ll believe it’s possible.

The Outsourcing Game Plan: Grow Your Business With Virtual Teams, written by industry expert Lucie Marchelot Shukla (Co-founder of Elite Virtual Team, Virtual Team Institute, and Click Convert Sell), addresses these barriers through a concise but strategy-dense, step by step guide to the process. The book outlines a time-tested and effective blueprint to create streamlined outsourcing, a skilled global team and a vehicle for controlled growth in both the short and long term. In doing so, Lucie reflects on her own experiences launching two businesses using virtual talents.

In the run up to DominateCon 2015, where Lucie and other experts in automation and outsourcing will be giving exclusive presentations, we’ve summarised some key points on the book to whet your appetite. The book is also available to buy on Amazon, for you to gain access to a whole new way of working and living, today.

#1 Get ready to grow: Whether your business has on-site employees or you operate as an individual, outsourcing can offer your business an abundance of returns and benefits. Case studies, industry research and personal experience highlight benefits in areas that all entrepreneurs can relate to, such as time-maximisation and 24/7 productivity, eliminating ‘bottlenecks’, leveraging resources, increasing visibility and saving money. In The Outsourcing Game Plan, Lucie covers the practical recruitment process and implementation of virtual talent along with related concerns, such as confidentiality and trust.

#2 How to prepare your business: As with any new system introduced to your business, correct preparation prior to implementation is key. Although almost any business can benefit in some way from outsourcing, there are five crucial areas that can keep your outsourcing plan from effectively serving your business. Benefit from discussion and recommendations on these areas, including guidance on where to find the best talent to ensure that your business is informed to maximise the benefits of outsourcing.

#3 The Outsourcing Game Plan: Lucie explains how she used this exact outsourcing strategy to grow a six-figure business in less than a year. Learn about skills assessment, and from there, the creation of systems to acquire and use virtual talent. There is a focus on the importance of a shift in mindset from one of a corporate nature/traditional employer to one suited to outsourcing and its own unique subtleties. Discover how Lucie used this strategy to develop a best practice formula for building scalable teams.

#4 Fast, effective implementation: Learn how to implement the expert strategies and advice from previous sections without delay or trial and error. If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing The Outsourcing Game Plan: Grow Your Business With Virtual Teams, the book is available on Amazon, and we’d love to hear your comments on social media. Furthermore, Lucie’s companies, Elite Virtual Team and Virtual Team Institute, can streamline the recruitment process for you and offer training to facilitate your outsourcing goals. For more information on Elite Virtual Team and Virtual Team Institute, click HERE.

If you are a successful entrepreneur who owns an SME, ready to learn more about how you can utilise outsourcing for maximum growth, and are prepared to take action, then join us and other like-minded entrepreneurs at DominateCon 2015, London, this month. The conference focusses on the two main multipliers that power small business growth: automation and outsourcing, and offers a wealth of strategies delivered by Lucie and expert guest speakers from a variety of sectors. Get more information or purchase tickets today click HERE. Hurry though, it’s just around the corner, and we don’t want you miss out!

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